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Solar Feeder 1000G

SF 1000G for sheep and goats has guards to prevent goats from climbing on the feed trough. The 1000G is 6’7” tall and 72” x 72” square, but you will need to add 3” for leg supports when planning for delivery. The 1000G is made of tough 14 gauge steel – including stainless steel troughs. It is equipped with highway reflectors to ensure highway-safe transport, and a sturdy feed shut-off handle that prevents feed from spilling during transit. A removable tongue protects you from theft when you are not in the pasture. The 1000G uses a standard 2″, 2 5/16″ or farm hitch.

A 12 volt battery system with a solar panel keeps charging your battery and delivering feed to your sheep and goats automatically, and in any weather. An optional add-on agitating motor kit can be added for sticky feeds. Go to the Solar Feeders ‘Add-Ons‘ page in ‘Our Products’ for more information on the agitating motor.

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Solar Feeders Inc., offers a revolutionary new way to automatically feed your cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock the right amount, at the right time, every time.

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