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Solar Feeders work rain or shine, because they harvest the sun’s energy and store it in a 12 volt battery system.

While most feeders rely on gravity to dispense feed, they also create a great deal of waste in feed costs. Solar Feeders not only reduce that waste but they are also proven to improve animal health. We offer five different feeder sizes that can feed from 10 to 50 head at a time. Each feeder runs on an identical, programmable rationing feed system that can be customized to the size of feed that you use and the frequency with which you feed.

In addition, Solar Feeders are highway safe, built with reflectors, brake lights and/or trailer brakes. To ensure that your feed is secure (and you will not lose any feed in transit) each feeder has a standard shut-off handle that is easy to access. For your security, our smaller models are equipped standard with removable tongues so that no one can steal your feeder. Every Solar Feeder is designed and built so that every part is easily accessible; in fact, all the parts – not including the solar panel – can be replaced for under $200.

Solar Feeders offer benefits for your wallet’s health, your liverstock’s health, and the environment’s health.

Prices starting at $3,699

Solar Feeders