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Q. What if it’s not sunny for a few days?
A. The Solar Feeder will run for at least two weeks with no sunlight.

Q. What if I use different types of feed at different times of the year?
A. The Solar Feeder has an adjustable spinner plate to accommodate small grains or large pellets up to 3 1/2″ in length.

Q. How do you keep feed from falling out during transit?
A. The unit has a shut off valve that you close when transporting or periods when not feeding.

Q. What is the Solar Feeder made of?
A. We use Heavy Duty 12 and 14 gauge steel for the base, trough and hopper. These hoppers are replaceable if they ever wear out.

Q. Does the Solar Feeder work with all feeds?
A. The auto feeder has been tested on everything from ground corn to high grade pellets. Most pellets, cubes, and easily flowing feeds work with no special assistance. We have an optional vibration motor for more sticky feeds.

Q. Is the feeder safe out in the pasture with no locks or gates?
A. The feeders are made with removable tongues for safety from theft, and to protect your animals from injury.

Q. Is the feeder made for calves and for full grown cows?
A. Solar Feeders suggests using a corral system to allow you to feed just calves.

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